Charlie for Refills Lite in athenaClinicals

Refills Lite Trial CTA


  • Pre-integrated with athenaClinicals
  • No specialized training required; fits into current workflows
  • View pertinent information such as last visit, next visit, last refill, and last lab ordered
  • Designed with guidance from the Joint National Committee, the American Diabetes Association, the American Heart Association and other consensus groups 


  • Reduce time spent processing refills
  • Maximize staffing efficiency
  • Improve turnaround times for patients

Refills Lite Preview

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“Before Charlie, we would spend on average 2-4 minutes per prescription refill request.  Now, if a refill is in protocol, it takes only seconds per prescription. If a refill is out of protocol, it takes just 30-45 seconds to research the necessary information!”

~ Ben Stahl, MD




"We love how Charlie decreases the amount of manual labor our clinical team has to do. Charlie presents just the right amount of information for us, streamlines our process and allows our staff to be more efficient."

~ Juanita McCargo, RN




"Charlie’s Refills Lite application improved my workflows without requiring any training."

~ Bradon Kimura, MD 



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